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Energy Savings Tips During the Quarantine

May 22, 2020

If you’re one of the millions of Americans dealing with the current pandemic crisis, you’re likely reading this from your home, where you’ve been told to shelter-in-place. While these recommendations might be inconvenient, you can still make positive changes during this uncertain time. Check out these energy conservation tips that can reduce your energy bills without spending an extra cent.

Use natural light

An energy supplier to Southern California, suggests using nature to your advantage. When warmth is needed, open shades to let in sunlight or a window to allow warmer air to enter the house. Conversely, when trying to cool, pull down the shades or open a window to let in cold air. When it’s comfortable, close things up. Easy. Keep interior doors open, so air circulates freely. Clean duct covers register covers and heating fins, and change your furnace filter. Accumulated dirt and debris affect airflow, which forces your heating/cooling system to work harder. One other tip for those with ceiling fans: run them clockwise in the winter to push warm air down, and counter-clockwise in the summer to pull warm air toward the ceiling. Just remember to turn them off when you leave the room, as fans affect people, not spaces.


Keep your fridge stocked and well-maintained

It’s not valuable to keep more food than you can consume within the timeframe of your shelter-in-place. It’s suggested that a thirty-day supply is a good rule-of-thumb. Keep your fridge full, but ensure that none of your goods block essential ventilation. If your fridge is too empty, more warm air enters the interior, forcing your fridge to work harder to cool. Alternatively, if your fridge is too full, the cold air won’t correctly circulate around your food to keep it chilled. While you’re at it, go ahead and adjust your fridge’s temperature. The FDA recommends setting your fridge set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and your freezer to 0 degrees or slightly below.


Use your dishwasher

I know you won’t believe me when I say this, but we are using WAY MORE dishes right now. Using a dishwasher instead of washing by hand reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% – I couldn’t believe this until I read this research.


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"Rob Will is the owner of Will Air and was very responsive. I got several quotes for this project and he
was the only one that did a very through inspection of my existing setup, taking pictures, measurements
and notes before he gave me an estimate. He provided many options and was easy to negotiate with and gave me a lot of information about BGE rebates (which no one else had mentioned). He also had the best attitude, for what it's worth. Regardless, I believe I got a fair price and that he offered a better system for my money compared to others. He arranged a time and date a week out to perform the install. I got a call the day before the install to remind me of the next day, and the next day his crew showed up 15 minutes early. They were very professional and I had heat by the evening and they were finished the next day. I paid and signed that I was happy with the work, and afterwards - as the guy was opening the furnace to show me the insides - he noticed a leak - and stayed an extra hour, late on a Friday, to further repair the new system. This was a lot of money to spend and I believe this type of work proves its-self over time, but all-in-all I think the install service went about as well as it could have. I would hire Will-Air again."

Jess Lewis May 19, 2020

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Awesome. I called and they came out the same day to put a short term fix on my AC unit. They then installed a new unit a few days later. Quick and reasonably priced. I couldn't have asked for more. I highly recommend them!

Matthew Forsyth May 19, 2020

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"It was great. The tech was out right on time and was better than I could have imagined. He knew
what he was doing and was done with the repairs and an entire system check in just under an hour."

Adam Lanham May 19, 2020

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