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Buying a Home with an Older HVAC System? Be Sure to Ask These 4 Questions

Nov 2, 2020

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a new home. Is the roof in decent shape? How about the foundation? Will you need to do any home renovations? In the midst of all these questions, it can be easy to gloss over the HVAC system. Don’t make that mistake! Be sure to ask these four questions to avoid any costly surprises down the road.

How Old is the HVAC System?

This is one of the first questions you should ask. While HVAC systems can certainly last well over a decade, you shouldn’t be surprised if a system requires repair or replacement parts at that point. Of course, buying a home with an older HVAC system is not at all a bad idea. The key is to consider leaving a little extra cash in the budget to address any potential wear and tear.

How Are the Energy Ratings?

In general, older HVAC systems are less energy efficient than newer alternatives. As such, be sure to find out the energy efficiency ratings of each HVAC system throughout your homebuying process. Ultimately, the lower the energy efficiency rating, the higher your monthly energy bill will be.

How Does the Warranty Work?

There are several types of HVAC warranties out there. It’s possible that the current warranty will dissolve the moment a second owner purchases the home. This is a possibility you’ll want to be aware of as you move through the homebuying process. If you are concerned about losing the warranty, you can even request the inclusion of an aftermarket warranty for the HVAC system as part of the purchase of the home.

Could I View Previous Maintenance Records

If the home you are considering has an older HVAC system, feel free to ask to view previous service records. The key here is to make sure the previous owner stayed on track with routine maintenance to avoid any unexpected failures after you own the home. You’ll also want to inquire about any suspiciously large repairs. The last thing you want in your new home is an HVAC system that is only hanging on by a thread.

Rely on Will Air for Your HVAC System Maintenance and Repair

Will Air is proud to be a customer-centered residential and light commercial heating and cooling company serving the greater Central Maryland area. With over 30 years of experience, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality services at competitive rates. From preventative maintenance to residential HVAC repair, we are here to help you however we can. To get in touch, call us today at (410) 549-9300 or request an estimate.



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"Rob Will is the owner of Will Air and was very responsive. I got several quotes for this project and he
was the only one that did a very through inspection of my existing setup, taking pictures, measurements
and notes before he gave me an estimate. He provided many options and was easy to negotiate with and gave me a lot of information about BGE rebates (which no one else had mentioned). He also had the best attitude, for what it's worth. Regardless, I believe I got a fair price and that he offered a better system for my money compared to others. He arranged a time and date a week out to perform the install. I got a call the day before the install to remind me of the next day, and the next day his crew showed up 15 minutes early. They were very professional and I had heat by the evening and they were finished the next day. I paid and signed that I was happy with the work, and afterwards - as the guy was opening the furnace to show me the insides - he noticed a leak - and stayed an extra hour, late on a Friday, to further repair the new system. This was a lot of money to spend and I believe this type of work proves its-self over time, but all-in-all I think the install service went about as well as it could have. I would hire Will-Air again."

Jess Lewis May 19, 2020

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"After being out all day and coming home to a hot house, it was refreshing to get an HVAC company
to pick up the phone. Rob answered and I was able to tell him the inside unit was not running and it was frozen but the outside unit was running fine. He gave me his pricing and a ballpark figure for a new blower motor, if that turned out to be the problem. I gave him the information on the HVAC panel and he said he had a motor if that was it. He arrived Sunday morning, replaced the blower motor and a bad relay switch and two hours later the house was cooling off. He was very knowledgeable and pleasant. He didn't mind my two little boys asking all kinds of questions about his tools and what he was doing. I also thought the repairs were going to cost a lot more than what I paid. We have used several different companies through the years but Rob has been by far the best. We will be using him for all our future HVAC needs for sure and I would recommend him to anyone who asks."

Rebecca Lepore May 19, 2020

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"Very well done. The noises are now gone from my home and I can be confident that my system is working."

Scott Sherman May 19, 2020

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