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Preventative Planned Maintenance

We, Will, Catch the Problem Before It Happens

Our Preventive Maintenance Program is the best way to make sure that your heat never goes out in the cold, and your A/C never disappears in the heat. The recommended time for one of our maintenance checks is every 6 months. Are you on the list? This program below is an example of a Preventive Planned Maintenance for fall. You can use as an example of what we will be maintaining in your home or business.

  • ​Indoor Filter Cleanliness

  • Blower Cleanliness

  • Blower Amp Draws

  • All Wire Connections Good

  • Blower Capacitor

  • Inducer AMP Draws

  • Flame Sensor Check

  • Pressure Switches Check

  • Hot Surface Ignitor

  • Burner Assembly

  • Heat Exchangers Cleanliness

  • Heat Exchangers for Cracks

  • Temperature Rise Across Heat Exchangers

  • Check the Temperature Limit Safety Operation

  • All Rollout Switches

  • Thermostat Calibration

  • Check Independent Fan Operation

  • Thermostat Mounting

  • Heat Anticipation of Thermostat If Applicable

  • Checking with the homeowner if they have any concerns regarding the operation of the system


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