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Building a Fall Workout Routine

Oct 22, 2023

The cooler Fall temperatures always seem to inspire folks to get outdoors. It’s a wonderful time to make new fitness goals or spruce up your workout routine. With the kids back in school and the change of weather, there’s no reason to delay getting active. Here are some fun, heart-pumping activities to help you get into shape before the holidays come.


There’s no doubt about the benefits of walking. It helps you maintain a healthy weight, manage various health conditions, improve cardio health, and enhance muscle endurance. Walking outside in the fresh air also boosts your mental health.

It’s a good idea to put a walk on your daily schedule. If you do, it will become a habit. Start the day with a brisk walk around the block or go out after dinner. Plan fun Fall activities where you’ll get your daily steps in as well. Apple-picking, going through a corn maze, or perusing an Autumn festival are a few ideas to choose from.

Hiking & Bicycling

Autumn is the perfect time to head to a local trail and check out the Fall foliage. A path with some elevation is even better. You’ll get your heart rate up and your legs will get a great workout. Hiking up and down even small hills will work multiple muscles. Being in nature is also a great way to relieve stress and clear your head.

Some parks also offer bike paths to ride on. Bicycling is a low-impact, aerobic exercise. It helps strengthen your heart and lungs. It’s also good for arthritis or osteoarthritis as it doesn’t put a lot of stress on joints.

Running or Jogging

Fall is a great time for running outdoors. The temperature is often just right. Be sure to dress in layers that you can peel off as your body heats up. Wear reflective running gear so people can see you if it’s dark.

Fall Activities

There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors in Autumn and burn some calories. Here are some popular Fall activities you may want to try.

Fun Runs

There are many 5K walking or running events offered during the Fall. Color Runs, Turkey Trots, and Halloween-themed runs are among them. Some also have post-event celebrations.


There’s nothing better than heading to a Zumba class or putting on some tunes and just dancing. It’s a great cardio workout. Many local communities and health clubs offer a variety of dance workouts.

Autumn Events

Pumpkin or apple-picking, navigating a sizable corn maze, walking around a Fall festival, and raking leaves will also help burn off calories. After all this, you’ll have earned that cup of hot apple cider!

Indoor-Friendly Fitness

If you prefer the indoors, there are many exercise classes offered at local fitness and community centers. The cooler months are also a good time to add strength training to your routine. Many indoor gyms also have exercise machines, personal trainers, and some have swimming pools. There are a variety of services offered at many gyms that will keep your workout interesting.

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