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Cheaper ways to keep warm in winter

Jan 22, 2022

Keeping warm in winter can be a major money-burner. If you are feeling the pinch this season, we understand that you may be searching for good ways to save. Today we have assembled some simple ways to keep your home warm without straining your HVAC or your wallet!

Natural light and heat

The sun provides heat and light all year-round, even if at times it isn’t in full view. During a sunny day, a great way to save your HVAC system some work is to take advantage. Even if the weather outside is still cold, the sun can provide ample warmth through window glass. If you have a sunny day approaching, take note and keep your blinds open. The natural sunlight can help to keep some rooms very warm without adding any strain on your bill!

Prioritize usage

At night, HVAC units are often running continuously. If you can avoid doing so, it would be a great idea to limit that use. Instead, use space heaters in central areas you will be spending much of your time in. Rather than running the heat, place space heaters in the corner of a bedroom, and let your HVAC rest. Set your system for a lower temp and let the space heaters take some of the strain!


If you have the good fortune to own a woodstove or fireplace, it should definitely be a resource you utilize. Woodstoves and fireplaces are great at heating a large open space, so if you have a home with an open floor plan, make sure to keep that woodstove or fireplace lit for a cheaper way to keep warm! While HVAC can still certainly be utilized, doing so intermittently and swapping it for usage of your stove or fireplace can be a great money-saver.

Winter is a time when warmth can be hard to find and keep. It can be especially hard if you’re on a tighter budget. So, we hope today’s tips will help you to save some of the power and money you need to! Stay warm this season!

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