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Health risks Indoors in Winter

Dec 22, 2021

The Chilly weather has settled in, and the majority of people’s time is being spent indoors. Inside the home is certainly safer than being outside in the elements constantly. However, being indoors at a highly increased volume presents its own risks and challenges. Some are minor, but some can be a serious threat. We will go over some today:

Air quality

As we stay indoors at a greatly increased rate, our air quality can begin to degrade and become a health risk. As we breathe, we of course convert oxygen breathed in into carbon dioxide out. This means there is an increased concentration of harmful pollutants in the air simply due to us staying indoors! When indoors at a constant rate, it is important to always keep your rooms well ventilated when possible and well-circulated.


As people, we generate dust and pollutants in the air through skin flakes, hair, and other “debris” as we move around. Pets function much the same at an increased volume but also produce dander and allergens. This can cause illnesses or infection as the pollutants build up, leading to further health problems. Remember to keep your house clean and dust-free and to check your HVAC system for any clogs.

Dry conditions

Due to the high volume of heat generated to keep warm in the winter months, the conditions become increasingly dry. This poses a threat not only in the form of causing increased skin and hair flake build-up but can cause nosebleeds. Using a humidifier can alleviate some of these issues, and lead to less dehydration additionally.

The winter is a time of increased health risks both indoors and outdoors. As you keep cozy and warm, remember to put your health before your comfort! We hope you found this article helpful. For HVAC work or a consultation, contact Will Air for high-quality service and a knowledgeable staff.

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"I came home to discover that my air conditioning was not working, which sent me into an immediate panic because I had a baby who was going to be super cranky and I don't fare well sleeping without AC either. I sent out inquiries to several places and hoped for the best because I anticipated most HVAC companies would be slammed during the heatwave responding to similar calls. Fortunately, Sherry from Will-Air was prompt and courteous in replying to my dire request. She even texted me, because she didn't want to risk waking a baby with a phone call, and told me she could have a technician out the next day. The owner came out the next day and walked me through everything that was going on and was very professional. I was so impressed with their service that I've scheduled fall and spring maintenance with them."

Young Kim May 19, 2020

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"After being out all day and coming home to a hot house, it was refreshing to get an HVAC company
to pick up the phone. Rob answered and I was able to tell him the inside unit was not running and it was frozen but the outside unit was running fine. He gave me his pricing and a ballpark figure for a new blower motor, if that turned out to be the problem. I gave him the information on the HVAC panel and he said he had a motor if that was it. He arrived Sunday morning, replaced the blower motor and a bad relay switch and two hours later the house was cooling off. He was very knowledgeable and pleasant. He didn't mind my two little boys asking all kinds of questions about his tools and what he was doing. I also thought the repairs were going to cost a lot more than what I paid. We have used several different companies through the years but Rob has been by far the best. We will be using him for all our future HVAC needs for sure and I would recommend him to anyone who asks."

Rebecca Lepore May 19, 2020

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"The project was completed on time and was professionally completed."

Mark Frantzen May 19, 2020

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