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Tips on Alleviating Allergies Through HVAC System

Sep 22, 2021

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies every year but don’t realize that there are other reasons for allergies inside your own home.  The other factors that could be triggering your allergies in your home are dust mites, mold, mildew, etc.  There are some tips on alleviating allergies through your HVAC system that could help reduce the chances of activating your allergies inside your home.

Check Your Air Ducts

The purpose of your air ducts is to block any pollen, dust, mold, or mildew from getting into your home.  If they have not been cleaned for a while there are going to be problems with how they are performing because of the buildup of allergens.  Once allergens enter your air ducts, it will make a clear path into your home and into your lungs which will not only affect your allergies but also your health.  Usually, mold forms in humid areas which could happen in your air ducts if the ventilation is being blocked by something.

The Right Size, The Right Humidity

The size of your HVAC unit plays an important role with how quickly your house’s temperature fluctuates which then affects the humidity.  In order for the formation of mold, there needs to be humidity in the home which can happen when the cold air from the vents come together with the warm air in the house.  Most HVAC systems have a dehumidifying process which could help deviate the problem with mold growth.  If your system does not have a dehumidifier, we recommend purchasing one, especially if you are someone who has severe allergies.

Air Filters

Your air filters are supposed to block pollen, dust, and mold so it does not get into the air ducts or run through the rest of the house.  Many homeowners do not realize the importance of changing your air filters, especially when it’s the time of the year for pollen to develop.  If you are noticing particles from outside are getting in, we recommend checking your air filters or calling one of our professionals to come and take a look before making any bigger investments.

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