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Best Heating Systems for Energy Efficiency

Oct 25, 2020

Now that we’re into the fall, it’s time to start seriously considering revamping your home’s heating system if you’re due for an upgrade. The last thing you want is for your current system to fail as we start moving toward the coldest months of the year. What are the best home heating system choices with energy efficiency in mind?

Heat Pumps

If energy efficiency is one of your top priorities, a heat pump will likely be the best choice for you. There are multiple types of heat pumps, but they all operate on the same principle: capture heat from a specified outdoor area and move it into your home. The best part? No fossil fuels are burned throughout this process. This keeps the cost of operation down and keeps pollutants out of the air. Let’s take a look at the two most popular heat pump alternatives:

  • Geothermal – These pumps source heat from pipes buried 6 to 8 feet underground. The initial investment for these systems might seem high, but homeowners are sure to enjoy massive savings on their monthly heating bill.
  • Air-Source – Air-source pumps simply draw in air from outside your home and compress it into liquid form. This process generates heat which is then circulated around the home.


While not as efficient as air pumps, modern furnaces have become a lot more efficient than dated models. The most common types of furnaces are gas, oil and electric. Each of these come with their own pros and cons, but you’ll want to pay close attention to the AFUE rating when selecting any furnace. If you want a highly energy efficient system, be sure to select a furnace with a rating of 90 percent or higher. A system with a rating of 90 converts 90% of the fuel to heat and only loses 10% through exhaust or leakage.


Boiler efficiency has come a long way as well. While furnaces and heat pumps are generally more energy efficient, there are still boilers on the market that deliver AFUE ratings of over 90%. If you opt for a boiler system for your next upgrade, we recommend considering a condensing boiler. Condensing boilers use multiple heat exchangers in an effort to harness heat from exhaust before it is vented outside. This saves you money and can ramp the AFUE rating up to 95%.

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