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What is the Ideal Sleeping Temperature?

Mar 22, 2022

Ever had a sleepless summer night because the room was just too hot and stuffy? You’re definitely not alone. Temperature is a big part of ideal sleeping conditions, and not just because it’s easier to actually fall asleep. The right indoor climate conditions can affect your sleep quality as well.

Just Right

The most ideal temperature to sleep in is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Sleep Foundation, although some people prefer a few degrees higher or lower. If this is a little cooler than you’re used to keeping your home, it’s for good reason– the human body is meant to experience a slightly lower temperature as nighttime sets in. Taking steps to lower the temperature in your room can signal your body that it’s time to rest.

Why Does It Matter?

An overly warm environment can disrupt your sleep and decrease the amount of time your body spends in each sleep stage. The Sleep Foundation attests that “A higher core body temperature has been associated with a decrease in restorative slow-wave sleep and subjective sleep quality.” It also increases your chances of waking up during the night. So even if you manage to fall asleep in this environment, you’ll likely spend less time actually receiving the rest your body needs to function. This can impact your memory, immune system, learning process, and physical recovery. Additionally, excessive heat often causes fatigue while rather inconveniently depriving you of the ability to fall asleep easily. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle.

Curiously, a room with a significantly colder temperature does not have the same effect, but still makes for uncomfortable sleeping conditions and other possible downsides.

Keeping It Cool

Ways to keep down the heat at night include opening the windows to increase air flow, switching on the ceiling or floor fan, using lightweight linens and PJs, keeping the shades down on sunny days, and keeping a cool washcloth nearby on the worst nights. If your partner isn’t a fan of the cold, fleece or weighted blankets are a great compromise gift!

Of course, the best way to decrease your home’s temperature is simply turning down the thermostat a few degrees. There’s no substitute for good climate control on an HVAC system! Need an update or a few repairs? Heating and cooling is our specialty! Give us a call at 410-549-9300 or fill out our quick online form here to get an estimate. Will Air is proud to serve the Howard, Frederick, Baltimore, and Montgomery County areas of Maryland. We can’t wait to work with you!

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