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Why Do I Still Feel So Hot?

May 22, 2022

Temperatures climb as the months go on, and soon we’ll be wishing for the snowstorms and icicles of winter once again. I’m sure you’ve even asked yourself at one time or another, why do i still feel hot with air conditioning? Here are a few reasons why you’re still feeling so hot– and how to fix the issue.

HVAC Unit Issues

The most obvious answer is that your A/C unit is acting up. Sometimes machines just don’t work the way they should, especially when they’ve been pushed to their limit during a heat wave. Some signs your HVAC system is experiencing an issue are puddles of water near the unit (a possible problem with your drainage line), excessive noise, or a significant increase in your energy bills without corresponding cooler temperatures. Give us a call at 410-549-9300 and we’ll help you out. If it turns out you need a factory order part or a next-day replacement, we can supply you with a supplemental cooling unit to tide you over until the issue is fixed.

High Humidity

Anyone who lives on the East Coast knows the frustration of heading towards the nearest pool of shade only to realize the temperature is hardly cooler than in the direct sunlight. Humidity has a big impact on our experience of temperature and can make a room feel dozens of degrees hotter than it actually is. With summer storms and heat waves, high humidity is unfortunately frequent– but it shouldn’t plague your home as well as your outdoor environment. If you just can’t seem to cool down, humidity might be the culprit. Make sure you’re keeping your HVAC system’s drainage line clear of condensation and consider installing dehumidifiers, especially if your home has a basement. Keeping indoor humidity to a minimum helps maintain cooler temperatures and takes away the risk of mold growth that excess moisture brings.

Interrupted Air Flow

Take a walk around your home and check for any open windows or doors as well as breaks in the sealing of each. Gaps in window frames can drive up your energy bills, forcing your HVAC unit to work much harder than it needs to and increasing the risk of malfunction. Also make the rounds to the vents around your home and ensure nothing is obstructing their airflow. Blocking vents in an attempt to reroute cool air to certain parts of your home is not a good idea– proper airflow throughout a building is crucial. Additionally, make sure your vents and duct system are free of dust and debris.

We hope these tips help you keep cool in the coming summer months!

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