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3 recent innovations in HVAC

Oct 22, 2021

Technology. It’s an ever-growing, ever-changing part of our lives that has produced many a wonder and marvelous invention. From 1902 with the invention of the first modern air conditioner by Willis Carrier, to Nash Kelvinator’s 1954 automotive heating and cooling system (the first automotive thermostat-controlled air system in 1939 also created by them) to now, we’ve come a long way in the last 100 years! Some might wonder, where do we go from this current time of scientific innovation? Well in the world of HVAC, researchers and inventors have been experimenting to bring the latest and greatest new technologies to life! Here is a list of a few innovations in HVAC.

  1. Motion-detecting (movement activated) air conditioning

Among the many innovative ideas seeing experimentation done for testing is one that seems so obvious in some regards but hasn’t been done: A/C that detects the exact position and movement of people for the most efficient cooling or “motion-detected A/C”. Utilizing sensors hung along aluminum rods on the ceiling, the A/C only activates when it is set off by the presence of movement! You can read more at Gizmodo about this fascinating new creation that is being tested in Dubai.

  1. Thermally Driven Air Conditioning

As a society, we have continued to move more towards more ecologically safe or beneficial tech to implement. Much like hydro-electric dams and solar or wind farms, a company called Chromasun has been seeking to utilize natural resources to power air conditioning! Using solar energy in tandem with natural gas, this system is also shown to produce the coldest temperatures and most efficiently! It isn’t seeing wide-spread use currently however and will most likely be a few years before it is applied in every-day life.

  1. Smart Homes

In a similarly popular trend as ecologically friendly technology is a move toward automation. From self-driving cars to every smart device under the sun (watch, tv, phone, etc), there’s no shortage of inventions used now and those awaiting approval around today! Amongst those is an obvious consideration for a “fully-automated” home. We already have the ability to control a thermostat like Nest with our phone to control your home’s temperature. So, doesn’t it figure that soon Smart Homes that run fully automatic are not a long way off? Perhaps soon homes will contact us on their own to request HVAC repair!

Tech has been moving quickly since the turn of the 20th century, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s only gaining speed as we continue forward! We hope you found this article interesting and enjoyable to read. For even more reading on HVAC, check out our other blogs here. Technology. Isn’t it fascinating?

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