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4 Advantages of preventive A / C maintenance

Jul 24, 2020

Annual maintenance is an economical and straightforward way to ensure that the HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency and to detect problems before they become serious.

Here are four reasons to schedule your annual air conditioning update now:

Reason 1: Annual preventive maintenance helps the A / C system to work more efficiently

A clean air conditioner generally uses less energy to produce cold air for your home. That is why a qualified HVAC technician takes the time to clean the cooling coils, fan blades, blower motors, and other components to eliminate any additional stress and tension. Annual cleaning can also help you maintain 95% of your unit’s efficiency rating over its lifetime, saving money on your monthly electricity bills.

Reason 2: Annual preventive maintenance helps to extend the life of your unit and compressor.

One of the main reasons why air conditioning systems fail before the end of their 10 to 15-year life span is due to a lack of regular maintenance. Annual inspections and adjustments can help you discover potential problems quickly and help keep your system cleaner while running more efficiently.

advantages of preventive ac maintenance

Reason 3: Annual preventive maintenance can improve your indoor air quality.

During your annual update, your HVAC technician will check and clean your systems to remove dirt and debris accumulated in your unit and ducts throughout the year. Removing particles, including pollen, mold, mites, and animal hair, allows air to move more freely through the system, improves indoor air quality, and helps prevent allergic reactions among residents. Besides, your HVAC technician will check for refrigerant leaks, which can be harmful to the environment.

Reason 4: Annual preventive maintenance leads to less expensive repairs.

When you clean and inspect your system annually, it lessens your chances of dealing with a damaged system and expensive emergency repairs in the summer heat. Almost 85% of all repairs are preventable with regular maintenance. That’s because qualified technicians are likely to identify problems with your system before they become significant problems. Your technician will check for worn and damaged parts and make recommendations for replacement. They can also identify areas where wear and tear can lead to damage.

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