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5 A/C Tips For Summer

Jul 10, 2020

Beach holidays, barbecues, pool parties – who doesn’t love summer? But the quickest way to rain in your fun in the sun is to make the air conditioner fail when temperatures are at their maximum. We have compiled a list of A/C tips for the summer that will ensure that you stay cool during the hottest time of the year.

a/c tips for the summer

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1. Schedule annual maintenance checks with a professional

The best thing you can do is to find a reputable HVAC company to clean and inspect your system seasonally. While you can use the rest of the tips on this list to help things keep up smoothly, no one knows the A / C units and the professionals. Experts can help you recognize and diagnose potential problems before you end up with broken air conditioning in the hottest time of the year.

In fact, if you schedule maintenance well before the summer, you can get a better rate before the high season.

2. Clean and change your filters regularly

Taking proper care of your filters is probably the easiest and most effective thing you can do to keep your A / C unit healthy. Write down the type of filter best for your air conditioner and follow the appropriate guidelines for cleaning or changing it.

a/c tips for the summer

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Vacuum and rinse the reusable filters between maintenance visits and replace them every few years to obtain the best air quality. If you use disposable filters, write the date on the filter when replacing it and make checking your filters a habit by grouping the task with any other regular monthly occurrence, such as paying your rent or credit card bill.

3. Make sure the area around an outdoor unit is clean

Debris, plants, tall grass, and weeds can block the airflow, preventing your A / C from working correctly or more efficiently. Keep the surrounding area well maintained to ensure that nothing interferes with the system’s ability to function.

4. Avoid opening and closing doors and windows too much

While it may be pleasant to enjoy a summer breeze, the way an A / C unit works is by detecting the ambient air temperature and alternating between turning it on and off so that the air matches the selected settings. If you are always opening and closing windows and doors, the temperature inside your home increases or decreases accordingly. Your system needs to work harder to adjust consistently.

a/c tips for the summer

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5. Let the unit rest while you are away from home

There was a debate about whether it is better to keep your A / C at a consistent temperature all the time or to set it to a higher temperature while you are not at home. The answer is that you save more money and energy if you maintain a consistent temperature while you’re back, but let the system rest while you’re away.

The US Department of Energy recommends leaving your A / C thermostat at 78 ° F when you are at home and increasing it several degrees warmer when the house is empty. If you don’t remember to adjust it every time you leave and return, consider investing in a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts according to the times and settings, select.

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