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Duct Cleaning – An Important Part of HVAC Maintenance

Jul 24, 2021

Hot summer weather has arrived. Is your AC already working on overdrive? If so, now is the time to schedule your system maintenance to keep everything in good working order, including an HVAC system duct cleaning. Here are a few things to consider.

The Process – The Benefits

Duct cleaning involves the removal of dust, pollen, and debris from the components of your heating and cooling system. During this process your supply and return air ducts and registers, cooling coils, heat exchangers, grilles diffusers, drip pans, fan motor and housing, and air handling unit housing are sanitized (

How Do I Know If My Ducts are Dirty?

Great question. Let’s consider the following. Do you have pets in your home? Are any members of your household active smokers? Have you noticed a musty or stale odor when you run your heat or air conditioner? Do you see dust on your furniture or noticeable in the air? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, chances are a duct cleaning would be of great benefit to you.

Every Breath You Take

Consider the importance of air quality in your home. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffers with allergies, a duct cleaning can provide you with some much needed relief. Whether you have pet fur and dander to contend with or seasonal allergy symptoms as a result of pollen entering your home, a duct cleaning can be just the ticket!

Keep Your Ducts in a Row

There are a few steps you can take to keep your ducts clean after the service is complete. First, don’t skimp on your air filter. Be sure to change them regularly and use the highest efficiency air filter. When you have regularly scheduled maintenance of your HVAC system, ask your technician to clean your coils and pans. As annoying as it is, be sure to dust and vacuum your home regularly. Working on house projects? Be sure to seal your registers to prevent any construction dust from entering your system.

Will Air – A Name You Can Trust

At Will Air, you can trust that we use a safe treatment process and no harsh chemicals in our duct cleanings. We have plenty of references and testimonials from satisfied customers that we are proud to share with you. Our commitment to you is to protect you and your family from harmful contaminants in your air. Not to mention we comply with all HVAC Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (NADCA) standards. Ready to breathe easier? Call us today at (410) 549-9300 and we’ll be happy to schedule your duct cleaning service.

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