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How Respiratory Allergies Work

Feb 22, 2022

We all know that someone allergic to cats doesn’t have the best time around furry felines, but how do respiratory allergies work and what actually causes them to run for the tissues while most others experience no ill effects? Here’s how respiratory allergies work.

Respiratory Allergy Causes

Respiratory allergies actually include common irritants like smoke and other fumes as well as more specific triggers like pet dander and pollen. On the biological side, the negative reaction to these stimulants is caused by airborne proteins. Anyone with a pollen allergy can attest to the inflammatory response a noseful of the stuff can bring.

The exact reasons why some individuals develop respiratory allergies while others don’t are still a mystery, but research tells us that environmental as well as genetic factors may play a key role. Like most other biological questions, the balance between “nature and nurture” is at the center of the idea.

Respiratory Allergy Symptoms

Every individual is different, so it’s not unusual for two people to have dissimilar reactions to the same allergen. With that said, many cases resemble a head cold, manifesting in a runny or congested nose and sneezing as mucus builds up in response to the allergens. Catch yourself rubbing your eyes? The airborne allergen is likely causing the itchiness and/or watery effect as particles can reach the eyes the same way they reach the nose and mouth.

Respiratory allergies can be easy to confuse with asthma– if you begin to have significant trouble breathing and experience serious coughing attacks, consult a doctor for testing and treatment.

Air Quality in Your Home

While modern medication is the most important defense against allergic reactions, keeping the air in your home as allergen-free as possible is a crucial first step. Having your duct system professionally cleaned every two to five years will keep the ducts from growing congested, clearing out the dust, pollen, dirt, and pet dander that builds up as your heating and cooling system runs.

At Will-Air, our brand new technology reaches every square inch of your vents to the utmost extent. Haven’t had your ducts cleaned in a while? Worried about allergy season? Give us a call at 410-549-9300 to schedule a professional cleaning.

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