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How to Cut Down on Pet Hair in Your Home

Jan 8, 2023

Does your dog or cat shed its hair all over your house? How about your clothes when you are ready to go out on the town?  We all love our pets dearly, but the hair problem can be a real nuisance. Pet hair can also kick-up our allergies, resulting in sneezing, coughing and watery, red and itchy eyes. Pet allergies are no fun at all!  Here’s how to cut down on pet hair in your home.

Pet Hair Reduction Tips

There are steps you can take to cut down on pet hair that can pile up in your home.

Brush Your Pet.

This is the best way to reduce the hair in your home.  Brushing also keeps your dog or cat’s coat softer, cleaner, and less likely to shed.

Be a Picky Feeder.

Feed your dog high-quality food with good digestible protein sources.  You will notice less hair around the house.  Also, consider giving your dog a fatty acid supplement to keep their coat healthy.

Cover the Furniture.

Upholstery attracts pet hair like a magnet.  Throws will protect the furniture.  Car seat covers are also a good investment.  Remove dog hair immediately from upholstery and the dog bed with a tape roller.

Remember to Vacuum.

Frequent vacuuming will help keep your home hair-free.  Also, dust regularly to remove fur and wipe down counters with a damp cloth to collect hair.

GIve Fido a Bath.

Bathe your dog at least once a week during the summer with a gentle oatmeal shampoo.  Shedding picks up in the warmer months as dogs work to keep cool and lighten their coat.

Buy Pet Hair Removal Tools.

Lint brushes and duct tape work well to remove dog hair quickly.  Put on a pair of rubber gloves and sweep your hands over upholstery to ball up hair.  Dryer sheets also lift dust off many surfaces, including blinds.

How to Reduce Pet Hair Allergens

Pet dander can trigger asthma and allergy attacks in some people. Enjoy the benefits of cleaner air in your home by using an air purifier or HEPA filter.  Air purifiers remove airborne pollutants and pet allergens from the air we breathe.   A HEPA filter traps debris and stops it from circulating through your home HVAC system.  The devices also get rid of pet odors.  Pet allergy is triggered by exposure to the dander a pet sheds. Wash pet beds, bedding, blankets, couch covers and pillows frequently to remove dust and dander. Keep Fido away from some rooms in your home, such as the bedroom, to keep the air in them clean.

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