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Pet Dander and the HVAC System

Aug 24, 2021

Happy Pets Day! For those of us that are pet owners, you know too well how much fur and hair can get tossed into your air filters and can be floating around as particulates. There are several ways to safeguard against these pollutants if you have a pet. Thinking of getting one? Wondering if you’re ready to take on the extra work? Here are some common issues you will likely encounter in your home.

Fur in Close Quarters

While spending time outside hiking or just strolling around the neighborhood, it is not uncommon to find clumps or small puffs of fur gathered in areas or stuck into plants. Eventually this fur breaks down into dust and rejoins the soil as part of the ecosystem. However, as one can imagine, this presents a problem with your home’s inner space. While the fur will break down into dust over time just like it does outdoors, dust of course is still an issue inside your home. If you have allergies or have been exposed to large amounts of dust, you know what it can do to your air quality inside the home! It is important to make sure you give your home a thorough cleaning to prevent further contamination – and this need can often double or even triple with pets! Be sure to vacuum and dust regularly, and dispose of foreign contaminants.

Your Pets and the HVAC system

As with a home that does not have pets in the household, your air filtration system helps to keep the air quality high and free of contaminants. The filters catch the foreign particles and allow negligible or no parts of the contaminant through. Just like increased fur and hair amounts occur in your home when you are a pet-owner, the amount of contaminents inside your HVAC and air-duct system can and will increase too. If allowed to simply continue on gathering for too long, it can overwhelm these systems due to the increased volume. If you do have pets or plan to, be sure to have your air filtration system checked for clogs and the filters themselves changed more often.

What’s That Smell?

It’s an unpleasant truth, but with pets comes all the mess they can make even besides their fur. That’s right, the litter box, the newspaper in a bird cage, an uncleaned dog bed in the corner, etc. can gather lots of contaminents and need regular changing too. While these items bring bad or intolerable scents, it can also be introducing unwanted contaminents into the air at the same time. Be sure to clean these regularly in addition to your usual home cleaning and filtration checks with us at Will Air. It’s a win-win to clean them as the smell goes, and the problems the air quality presents with it.

Owning pets can be a highlight of your home life, and is an opportunity for lots of fun and love. And with that said, it is always good to check your air quality with the experts, and pets add many more risks to it’s health. But they can add many smiles too! We hope you found this article helpfuln and informative, and hope when it comes time to get your air quality taken care of that you’ll choose to do so with the capable team at Will Air! Have a happy and safe Pets Day!

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