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Preparing your HVAC system for winter

Nov 8, 2021

The autumn season is coming to a cold close and winter is just around the corner. Fall has its troubles, but winter is often the hardest season on your HVAC system. Today we will go over some of the challenges and prep work to avoid them this winter.

Clogged HVAC

Autumn’s biggest worry can often be keeping roofs, gutters, and lawns clean and free of leaves. But your HVAC system faces the same threat in many ways, and it’s good to keep just as watchful an eye on it like everything else. A clogged air system can lead to loss of effectiveness or all-out failure of an HVAC system. Before autumn ends, it’s a good idea to check for clogs. This should be a good start to preparing your HVAC system for winter.

Don’t overload the system

It’s often hard to be comfortable in winter when there’s so much cold. But, putting undue stress on your HVAC system can not only push your heating bill up but can cause wear and ultimately break components. To save some money and the health of your HVAC system, consider using some space heaters or a woodstove in some rooms as you have access.

Windows and Doors

A room can often be made cold by the presence of windows and the needed presence of doors- especially if they’re in poor condition. To prevent this, checking the weatherstripping and closure of each can prevent a loss of insulation and warmth in each room. If you have a room that is cold often containing windows or a door that shuts poorly, seeing to their quality and condition could be all the fix that room needs to be warm. A temporary fix for a door can be to close gaps with the use of towels, old shirts, or thick blankets. However, we urge that you seek a permanent fix and use these sparingly!

To close, winter is a tough time on many different aspects of homeownership and your HVAC system is no different. We hope this article was helpful to you and will aid you as you prepare your system for winter. Stay warm!

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Our home has dual HVAC units. The electric-only unit in our attic has given us issues for years. Rob Will of Will Air inexpensively serviced the unit and babied it along so that we were able to get as much life out of it as possible. Once it was no longer economically smart to keep repairing the unit, Rob recommended a new unit that was affordable, energy efficient and more properly sized for our square footage. The new unit works like a charm and has not needed any service since installation. Rob and his staff show up quickly, and stay until the job is done. Sherry is always friendly and pleasant on the phones and is a pleasure to work with. I will continue to use Will Air for all of my HVAC needs and will recommend them to anyone who needs a trusted HVAC repair company.

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