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The Health Benefits of Plants

Jun 8, 2023

We often talk about the health benefits of being in the great outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are so good for our bodies. So too are the health benefits of plants in our homes and offices. Bringing nature indoors can cure so many of our ailments. Here are some ways living plants positively impact our lives.

Plants Reduce Stress

Studies have shown plants reduce stress. Greenery has a calming effect on people. Put a few potted plants in your home or office to help soothe and comfort you.

Plants Sharpen Focus

Students who study in a classroom with live plants experience better focus and concentration.

Researchers also found fake plants or photos of plants didn’t have the same effect.

Plants Are Therapeutic

Indoor gardening can reduce symptoms of mental illness. Horticultural therapy is used to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, and dementia. Potted plants may also improve job satisfaction. Researchers found workers felt fewer effects from job stress and anxiety when plants were present.

Plants Boost Productivity

Living plants in a workspace can boost productivity and creativity.  One 1996 study revealed students in a computer lab worked 12% faster and were less stressed when plants were nearby. Another study showed workers with office plants took fewer sick days and accomplished more on the job.

Plants Help Heal

The next time someone is in the hospital, bring them a potted plant or fresh flowers. Research has shown folks recovering from surgery or an illness may heal faster. Patients surrounded by greenery also needed less pain medication and had shorter hospital stays.

Plants Improve Sleep

A few potted plants in your bedroom can help you fall asleep faster. They provide oxygen, purify the air, and release a scent that helps you relax. Snake plants, aloe vera, orchids and Gerbera daisies are good examples.

Plants Freshen Air Quality

Plants help improve indoor air quality by reducing airborne volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Cleaning products, paint, mold, and mildew all create air pollution in our homes. A 1989 NASA study found houseplants purify the air by removing cancer-causing chemicals. The best plants for this job include the Boston fern, spider plant, Ficus, and rubber trees.

Plants Relieve Allergies

Another benefit of houseplants is allergy relief. Researchers have found rooms with plants have less dust and mold in them. Plants act as natural filters to catch allergens and other airborne particles.

Putting a little greenery in your personal space is good for you and fairly inexpensive. Small plants cost as little as a few dollars, while larger ones will cost you more. Shop around, find a good price, and stock up! Your lungs will thank you.

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